Valuation of Machinery and Equipment

Амрита - Машини и съоръжения

Valuation of machinery and equipment differs from other types of valuation, as the value of an item may differ depending on the specific circumstances of the analysis, such as determining the value of just part of the operating enterprise, liquidation value, and/or additional costs for delivery and installation.

Evaluating your company’s machinery and equipment is an important aspect of proper management and the ability to evaluate business performance and plan for future development. If done professionally, it can bring many benefits and shed light on potential opportunities for improvement and growth.

Depending on the objectives, an appraisal can be made for each machine or equipment individually, as a production line, or even as a whole.

Types of valuations of machines and equipment

Amrita Consulting has many years of experience and takes into account all specific regulations when assessing:

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Goods, inventories
  • Production machines, equipment and production lines
  • Technological equipment.
  • Business inventory
  • Vehicles

Specifics in preparing an appraisal

The valuation report prepared by our consultants takes into account all assumptions and indicates the guidelines related to the valuation, its purpose and context, the dependence on the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the sources used and how they significantly affect the value opinion.

Due to differences in the nature and portability of many types of machinery and equipment, specific assumptions are usually required to describe the condition and circumstances in which assets are valued. For example:

  • Machinery and equipment are assessed together, on site and as part of an enterprise;
  • Machinery and equipment are assessed together, on site, but on the assumption that the enterprise ceases to operate;
  • Machinery and equipment are valued as individual assets intended for removal from the site where they are currently located.
  • In some circumstances, it is appropriate to report estimates based on two or more sets of assumptions, for example to illustrate the effect of the closure of the enterprise or stop of production related to the value of machinery and equipment.

In the presence of facts or circumstances other than those relevant at the valuation date, the result is a determination of a value opinion in the presence of such special assumptions as:

  • degree of loading of machines and equipment.
  • presence or absence of human resource on site.
  • limited possibility for realization of the production.
  • investments that are necessary to improve working conditions or the environment on the basis of prescriptions from competent authorities, etc.

Special regulations may require special assumptions, for example for the purposes of tax assessments or compulsory liquidation, environmental laws restrictions or safe working conditions.

Necessary documents for evaluation of machines and equipment

  • Book value of asset
  • Acquisition cost
  • Year of acquisition
  • Passport of the machine
  • Purchase invoice
  • inventory book

Necessary documents for evaluation of vehicles

  • Registration document.
  • Mileage or hours worked

Deadlines for evaluation

From 3 to 7 business days after sending the application.

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