Valuation of agricultural land

Amrita - Оценки на земеделски земи

For the agricultural land or permanent crops valuation, the actual condition of the site in question and many additional factors such as location, category, state of market must be clarified.

Special clarifications and analysis of available facts and studies are also needed to assess the effectiveness of land at the date of the assessment, which would have a significant impact on the final value.

Amrita consultants can help you assess a variety of assets such as fields, agricultural land in non-urban areas, pastures, meadows, yards, and perennials plants such as orchards, vineyards and other types of arable land.

Factors in the valuation of agricultural land

Here are some of the factors that our licensed appraisers take into account when preparing a valuation:

  • Whether the land has been cultivated and will continue to be cultivated in the coming years.
  • Establishing a 10-year average yield for each crop in each agricultural area.
  • Whether the necessary agro-technical activities and land collection are carried out in a timely manner in order to preserve the quality of the soil and its plantations.
  • Is it possible for the terrain plots with common borders to be sold as a single (consolidated) plot with a larger area.
  • What is the impact of infrastructure elements on the value of agricultural land.
  • Determining the presence of irrigation systems.
  • What is the rent.
  • Distance from major markets.

Necessary documents for valuation of agricultural land:

  • Document (s) certifying the right of ownership over the land.
  • Sketch of the land property, issued by the land commission at the location of the property or Cadastral scheme / sketch with identifier under the Land Code when the cadastral plan for the property has entered into force.

Deadlines for evaluation of agricultural land and permanent crops

The deadlines for preparing an appraisal are between 3 and 7 business days, depending on the complexity and purpose of the valuation.

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