Амрита - Оценка на автомобили

Getting an appraisal of a car before you buy, sell or trade it can help you know the exact value of the vehicle and put you in a more informed negotiating position.

Many factors can affect the price of a car, including brand, model, production year, mileage, body damage and additional features.

Why you need a car appraisal

The most common cases in which it is necessary to evaluate the vehicle are when buying, selling or leasing.

Vehicle assessments can be used in disputes between owners and various third parties. Amrita’s consultants can help you determine the value of a car, prepare various documents in case of insurance events – for claims and cases arising in litigation – or if you need a report on the technical condition of the car.

You may also need an independent professional valuation when buying a collector’s car. In this case, you can use it to make a better deal, or just make sure it’s worth what you pay for. If you are selling, an independent appraiser can verify the value of the car.

Our approach

We at Amrita strive to undertake an in-depth inspection of the vehicle or to thoroughly review documentation if the vehicle is not available (eg stolen, destroyed, etc.).

The values of our estimates are generated by huge amounts of data, actively collected from market prices every day. The values are current and tailored to the car and take into account geography and market trends.

Necessary documents for car valuation:

  • Book value
  • Acquisition cost
  • Year of acquisition
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Purchase invoice
  • inventory book

Deadlines for assessment of vehicles

The deadlines for preparing an appraisal are between 3 and 5 business days, depending on the complexity and purpose of the valuation.

For more information and questions call our phones 0700 20 035, +359 (2) 865 09 09 or contact us at office@amrita.bg.